Cyber Guru Enterprise

Cyber Security Awareness - the human factor

Cyber Guru Enterprise is an innovative e-learning system designed specifically for non-specialist personnel in public and private organizations. It is the first system based on advanced training methodologies, taking into account the most effective digital learning methods.

The goal is to generate a valuable competition that, by focusing on the cyber awareness of each individual member of the organization - thus on their ability to recognise potential threats and to adopt corrective behaviour - reduces the individuals exposure, with a positive reflection on their personal understanding and awareness and on the organizational sphere, with respect to the risk of being the victim of malicious attacks.

Cyber Guru Enterprise is aimed at all organizations seeking to increase their employees’ level of Cyber Security Awareness through a pathway comprised of unique features.


  • Cyber Guru Enterprise was designed to involve the entire organization in an educational and stimulating learning pathway, featured by a “steady and gradual release” approach.
  • The training only requires a few minutes per week, with a learning course spread over time in order to maintain the participant’s attention high each time he or she interacts with the digital technologies.
  • All of the lessons are available in multimedia format, with the possibility to have the contents both in video and text formats.
  • The language used reflects a non-technical criterion and is therefore focused on personnel who do not specialize in Cyber Security.
  • Each lesson is accompanied by an assessment of the level of learning.
  • The course uses a GAMING methodology, accompanied by prizes and rewards that stimulate learning and promotes excellence.
Motivation to learn


Cyber Guru Enterprise has been structured according to the most advanced training methodologies, envisaging the application of gaming techniques to the entire training pathway. Participants are encouraged to be active throughout the course, with the commitment of each person being rewarded with the awarding of virtual prizes (medals and cups) when certain conditions are met.

The organization is split into teams, that compete against each other, motivates participants to provide the best possible contribution for the performance of their own team, with individual awards being transformed into points that improve the team’s ranking. Indirectly, this structure can serve as a useful “team building” exercise, which reinforces the training objectives of Cyber Guru Enterprise.


Due to its features and educational content, Cyber Guru Enterprise is included in the compulsory training programmes required by the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the NIST Directive for the protection of critical infrastructures.


Each element of Cyber Guru Enterprise has been designed and implemented to maximise the effectiveness of the training component, minimising the dispersive effect that is typical of e-learning solutions and essentially eliminating management costs. This aspect sees Cyber Guru Enterprise as the most efficient Cyber Security Awareness platform on the market, offering “the maximum training result with the least organisational and economic impact”.

To respond to its mission, Cyber Guru Enterprise has been designed in line with advanced e-learning techniques, with the aim of encouraging the fruition of the contents and facilitating understanding.


  1. Cyber Guru Enterprise overcomes the limitations of traditional classroom training, based on single events with an evanescent effect and short duration over time, which are not able to follow the rapid evolution of attack techniques.
  2. Cyber Guru Enterprise introduces the concept of training and thus of continuous education that renders the individual reactive and “ready for anything”, even when responding to new and unknown threats.
  3. Cyber Guru Enterprise does not have an “imposing” approach, but continually motivates participation quality through: gamification techniques, the production of individual benefits (which go beyond the professional role), and a division into short training sessions (each of which is self-contained on the outcomes schedule).

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