Cyber ​​Guru: a complete platform

to maximize training effectiveness 

In Cyber Security, human behaviour makes all the difference

Each element of Cyber Guru is designed and built to maximize training effectiveness, maintaining the attention and update levels high, for the entire organization, over time. 


Cyber threats are increasingly sophisticated and capable of exploiting every economic and social event. An effective defence against these threats implies a constant update on their new developments. 

Cyber Security Awareness training course keeps up with the latest cyber dangers, offering scrupulously updated, engaging and timely content. 

The level of awareness must increase, as cyberattacks evolve and cybercriminals refine their attack techniques. 

For this reason, the Cyber Guru platform educational content undergoes several updates, that enrich it with news and additional training material.


The Cyber Guru platform offers additional educational tools that are immediate and ready to use.  

These tools keep users attention high, providing constant updates on the evolution of threats and practical defence tips to avoid them.  

 The platform is enriched by:   

  • CyberPills - small video animations made with a popular language, and designed to provide clarifications and practical indications not to fall victim to cybercrime and their sophisticated attacks; 
  • News - thematic articles, made with a non-technical language, providing a constant update on the evolution of cyberattacks, together with practicalsuggestions;
  • CyberPedia - a cyber dictionary, containing the meaning of the most used "technical" terms in the cyber world. These terms are kept easily digestible, thanks to simple and informative language. 


Cyber Guru platform uses a unique Customer Success Management service that boosts training effectiveness at the max. 

Customer success management assists the organization throughout the training path, giving clarifications about functional support issues, but also to those issues that are related to the complete achievement of trainingeffectiveness goals. The management organizes periodic evaluation moments to achieve maximum effectiveness. These communication slots are useful to discuss the course progress and define the practicable interventions to stimulate users and maintain their level of participation high over the whole training program. 

The management also supports internal communication and student caring activities, in order to implement the best communication strategy, key element to total participation. 

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