About us

Cyber Guru is the product of an initiative by the Daman Group (www.gruppodaman.it) and its international partners, whose goal is to offer the most advanced training courses on the topic of Cyber Security.

We off training focused on Cyber Security Awareness and the need to develop in non-specialist staff of public and private organizations a greater awareness of the correct usage of digital technologies and how to interact with the web.

We recognize that this essential awareness increases the level of security of both individuals and organizations.

Cyber Guru solutions offer training that represents a concrete response to this need. Our solutions have a single objective: to increase an organisation's level of security by targeting the human factor.

In Cyber Security, individual awareness is the critical success factor!



Cyber Guru is the product of an initiative by the Daman Group, with the ambitious objective of leveraging the human factor to create a widespread culture of information security that will become a decisive resource for increasing the level of protection of individuals and organizations.


Cyber Guru solutions help organizations train users of digital technologies to transform their behaviour so that they become more aware of threats, reducing the risk of them becoming victims of Cyber Crime.


To achieve these objectives, advanced Cyber Security Awareness training platforms have been developed with a primary focus on training effectiveness, minimizing knowledge loss and effectively eliminating management costs.