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Supply Chain
It is necessary to choose suppliers who are trained in cyber security   We all know how valuable a supplier of Read more
The QR code was an odd word and a somewhat incomprehensible pattern until a few years ago; today, it has Read more
cyber warfare
Fake News, false charities, Phishing, and Spam for a borderless Cyberwar    The world is at war, and confusion reigns supreme. Read more
The history and the evolution of a legendary profession At the base of its change, the knowledge and use of Read more
second hand
Beware, trouble, can be just around the corner How much do we love shopping from the comfort of our home Read more
social engineering
Let’s admit it: it may have occurred to some people, the unconfessable desire of becoming a hacker. Maybe to solve Read more
There is no company website that does not have a "Contact" page. We all look for this page when we Read more
Today the word 'viral' is at the centre of our lives. Not only because of the pandemic we have been Read more
best practices
Our best practices for a more secure 2022 Cyber attacks are the world's most dangerous weapon. JP Morgan did not Read more