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Human error is still the cause of 90% of cyber attacks. The "human factor" is still the weak link in Read more
secure passwords
35% of cyber-attacks today are still attributable to password breaches. Lost or stolen credentials remain one of the main tactics Read more
Ransomware, a virus (or, even better, malware) which locks computers for extortion purposes, is one of the biggest cyber threats that organizations all Read more
Instagram is now the fastest growing social network. Cybercrime keeps an eye on its growth, electing it as the ultimate Read more
Online Christmas shopping
Online purchases substantially increased in the last year, also due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The lockdowns and the safety regulations Read more
With the unprecedented health emergency, we had to change our ways of interaction: each one of us experienced a drastic Read more
This September, schools will re-open while Covid-19 restrictions will be cautiously relaxed. Many employees will return to the office, at Read more
Credential theft is still one of the main targets of cybercrime, as evidenced by Verizon's new Data Breach Investigations 2020 Read more
The European Parliament votes on a 'Black Lives Matter' resolution that condemns all forms of racism, hatred and violence...but cyber criminals exploit the virality of the phenomenon to Read more