Cyber Guru Channel

Cyber Security Awareness Channel

Cyber Guru Channel enriches the range of digital culture Cyber Security Awareness solutions proposed by Cyber Guru.  

The Cyber Guru Channel solution consists of a series of videos focused on the main Cyber threats and how they can affect individuals and organizations. 

The goal of these videos, made with advanced production techniques and with highly engaging storytelling, is to increase users' level of awareness when interacting with digital technologies, through a training path based on an inductive methodology. 

Real cases to gain awareness 

Watching these video episodes, the user can immerse into real situations, witnessing the stories of real-life attacks that could potentially affect anyone. 

This videos create a unique and immersive experience and let the user acquire universal notions that can be applied to personal behaviours, to increase awareness in the interaction with digital technologies and devices. 


The Training videos are integrated into the Cyber Guru Enterprise platform and equipped with all the platform's access, engagement and monitoring control components. Video content is narrated in different styles, from a cyber-investigative one to a more cyber-news one, to make the entire training path even more appealing and engaging.

Cyber Guru Channel: watch the trailer!

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Now, we'll tell you about a world where you are not at the top of the food chain, as you often think, but a prey [...] You'll be given information you should not ignore [...]

You'll find out that every bit of information is worth money, and as such much sought after by increasingly dangerous criminals [...] You'll see that the net is a lot deeper than you can image [...]

We'll show you a world beyond the screen, where wars are fought, and computer viruses are weapons of mass destruction. We'll give you a glimpse of the future, and show you how your home fridge could become...your worst enemy

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