Cyber Security Awareness Solutions

Cyber Security Awareness solutions by Cyber Guru contribute to increasing the security level of organizations, acting on the awareness of individuals, with a complete and articulated line of solutions:

  • Cyber Guru Awareness, an integrated Security Awareness e-learning system that involves the whole organisation in an educational and stimulating learning process;
  • Cyber Guru Phishing, an innovative e-learning platform with an anti-phishing feature that produces effective results using on-the-job training methodology, automation and machine learning;
  • Cyber Guru Enterprise , a complete and synergistic solution that exploits the characteristics of both Cyber Guru Awareness and Phishing to achieve even stronger results on both the awareness and behavioural levels.
cyber security awareness


The human factor is a decisive element in the success of any initiative. In Cyber Security, human behaviour can be a more effective deterrent than technology, especially since the Internet has distorted the traditional division between our individual and professional lives, two areas that now constantly overlap.

In this context, the unaware behaviour of an individual while interacting with digital technologies and the Web can put at risk their own security and that of their organization.

Modern Cyber Defence is no longer a discipline that concerns only Cyber Security specialists, but rather it concerns every member of an organisation without distinction. The objective of an organization is therefore to transform each of its collaborators into an active agent of defence strategies developed by specialists, avoiding the creation of weak links in the defence chain through which the cyber criminals will infiltrate.


Cyber Guru Awareness is an innovative, integrated e-learning system that involves the whole organisation in an educational and stimulating learning process

Cyber Guru Awareness is aimed at organizations that want to increase the level of Cyber Security Awareness of their employees by way of a learning path with unique features:

      • Common vocabulary - a vocabulary suitable for everyone that avoids technological jargon
      • Brief lessons  - organised into short, self-contained lessons and modules within an integrated learning path
      • Multimedia content - video lessons featuring an actor-coach, supported by elements of video animation
      • Interactive approach - continuous switching between brief educational content and learning assessment tests
      • Pervasive gamification - a structure for team competition with ranking and virtual prizes
      • Effective reporting - a series of reports that define the participation both qualitatively and quantitatively
      • Student care - an automated system that stimulates active participation with targeted emails
      • Individual leverage - the platform leverages the participant’s performance results into their personal lives
      • Continuous training - brief lessons spread over time maintain a high focus on threats at all times (12 / 24 / 36 months)

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Cyber Guru Phishing is an innovative anti-phishing solution that produces effective results due to its particular methodology of on-the-job training and its automation and machine learning features.

Aimed at the non-specialist staff of public and private organizations, Cyber Guru Phishing allows you to keep your staff trained on readiness, one of the most important of the human defensive characteristics.

Main features:

  • It uses a methodology of continuous training that maintains a high level of readiness in each employee and develops his or her ability to react to attacks that use phishing techniques.
  • It continuously sends phishing emails to all employees in an organization, simulating different attack scenarios (including sprays and spear phishing) with more and more sophisticated levels of deception
  • It constantly alters simulation strategies based on the behaviour of the individuals being tested, exploiting its data-driven ability to learn.
  • It provides landing pages where employees who fall for phishing traps receive light training adapted to the type of attack they fell for, accompanied by informative videos on phishing
  • It produces a monthly report that shows the phishing risk map and highlights improvement induced by this training strategy

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